Zoo Business Plan

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By doing some research to find out what business owners are already offering, you can make sure that your petting zoo offers your customers something different.

If there is a local petting zoo in a permanent location, then you may want to consider making yours mobile.

The concept and its varied approaches were developed by Proprietary Media in New York.

In addition to public appearances and public service announcements, programs and activities, Mr.

You will want to make note of the following: All of this is important information when you are thinking about how to start a petting zoo business.

You also want to figure out a new or different angle to bring to the public so that your business stands out from other petting zoos.You will want to find out whether there is a market for your idea before you start putting any money into the business.If possible, visit other petting zoos and take notice of the way their operation is run.Individual zoos and aquariums may find little difficulty in distinguishing their own brands as part of the national association because ultimately they share one goal.'' Although there have been great strides and some notable successes in species conservation, we believe we're still losing habitats and species faster than we're saving them,'' said Dr.Bruce Carr, director of conservation education at the association in Silver Spring, Md.Aza was created by Kermit Love, creator of Big Bird and other Sesame Street characters. Intended for children 6 to 13 around the world (it is translated into more than 10 languages), the poll requires personal information like age and home state or country and then asks about perception of the natural world.Combining several animals, Aza has the legs of an elephant, scales of a lizard and bill of a duck. He has animated friends like Skye, a fictional African-American girl.'' A. A.'s core target is young children who have not yet formed all their habits,'' said Jeffrey Moritz, chief operating officer at Proprietary Media. One question asks: '' How do you learn things about wildlife?'' It's really important that we reach the children with this messaging while they're accessible so they can bring that value with them as they move onto other experiences,'' Mr. '' By about 8 or 9, the child is off to the world of malls, interactive computer games and MTV.'' To that end, the Web site -- '' For each of six different methods: TV, school, parents, zoos and aquariums, reading or the Internet, children can choose yes, don't know or no.Plans call for the results, which Proprietary Media hopes will be completed by hundreds of thousands of children, to be used to help position the association and its member institutions. In an effort to educate people about the activities of the association, which supports standards for animal care, conservation, education and scientific research, and make its name as recognizable as, say, the Bronx Zoo, San Diego Zoo or Vancouver Aquarium, the association is beginning its first national marketing campaign.It also has a narrow demographic -- mostly young children accompanied by parents or grandparents -- and now a cohesive way to contact them.


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