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You should also paraphrase to avoid overuse of quotations: your paper should not be a series of quotations linked by an occasional transition sentence (of course, you must cite paraphrases just as you would a quotation). Remember, though, that your professor is always the best person to ask if you have any questions or concerns. CORRECT EXAMPLE: Roosevelt ordered the banks closed until auditors verified that they were solvent. The passive voice often fails to identify who or what is performing the actions you are describing.Finally, indicate where you will conclude your essay. Introduce the topic in a way that will catch the reader's attention. Problems of the Depression that the New Deal tried to solve 1. INCORRECT EXAMPLE: Roosevelt orders the banks closed until auditors verify that they are solvent. Also, the passive voice tends to result in excessive use of various forms of the verb "to be," which leads to wordiness.ACTIVE VOICE: The government created many programs to put Americans back to work.

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Search the catalog at Swem Library and electronic databases.

Read several different works to get a sense of how different historians have analyzed the New Deal's effectiveness.

Next, under each item of supporting evidence, list the points you wish to cover. If you think it will help, note where you will place statistics or quotations. Sense of Roosevelt's personal concern for people (quotation from woman on FDR's first radio address) 2. Has become a cornerstone of financial security for senior citizens IV. Some New Deal Programs such as Agricultural Adjustment Act were declared unconstitutional, but at least Roosevelt was trying to find solutions V.

Choose the quotations that best support your thesis. Conclusion Your conclusion should not be a rephrasing of your introductory paragraph.

Take notes that will help you in formulating a thesis and creating an outline. A thesis is the central argument of your paper, based on the evidence you have discovered in your research.

Be sure to record the sources of your notes so that you can properly cite them later. After reading several works, weigh the evidence and decide whether or not you think the New Deal was effective.

Your answer to that question will be the thesis of the paper.

In this case, you've concluded that while the New Deal did not actually end the Great Depression, and that some of its programs were not successful, the bulk of the evidence demonstrates that the New Deal did help to restore public confidence, promoted a partial economic recovery, and created many beneficial programs.

For this example, the assignment is to write a 5-7 pp.

paper in which you assess the effectiveness of President Franklin D. Begin your research, keeping your questions in mind.


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