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The questions do not necessarily address the larger themes discussed in the book, but are intended to highlight interesting details, and simply force a closer reading of the book. I recommend that you keep the questions before you as you read. When Meursault’s mother dies, he says, “Maman died today, or maybe it was yesterday” (1).

The questions do not necessarily address the larger themes discussed in the book, but are intended to highlight interesting details, and simply force a closer reading of the book. I recommend that you keep the questions before you as you read.

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What did Sir Thomas More denounce as "as profitable as milking a he-goat into a sieve"? What did Martin Luther identify as the greatest enemy of faith? What two challenges did Humanism present to the Church?

Jones IB English III 21 April 2014 The Development and Changes of Meursault’s Outlook on Life throughout The Stranger The Stranger, written by Albert Camus in 1942, is a novel encompassing the life of a man who appears to not care about anything in the world and lacks emotion.

Full sample Edmond Dantes is the hero of the novel by Dumas “The Count of Monte Cristo” (1845-1846).

This character is multi-layered as he is playing a lot of different roles and has many faces. Full sample Introduction There are two striking qualities in Claude Mc Kay’s poems.

While traveling to his mother’s funeral he was more concerned about how hot the weather was, how long the ride was going to be, and most absurdly, how mad his boss was at him for asking for days off.

“I didn’t visit Maman much partly because it took up my Sunday, the trouble buying tickets and spending two hours traveling” (5).

Soon after she asks about the marriage, she asks Meursault if he loves her, in which he replies, “I told her it didn’t mean anything but that I didn’t think so” (27).

Since Meursault is also detached from the world, he answers her question honestly and blatantly.

Unfortunately, Meursault’s honesty does reflect his ignorance and child-like remarks.

His reply also helps develop the first stage of the absurd, the meaningless of life.


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