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If you love yellow, you may be a dreamer or even a perfectionist.Yellow lovers have big goals and are fun to be around with.People who love to wear black clothes like to do so mainly since it makes them feel confident and more attractive.

If you love orange, chances are that you are flamboyant, lively, and social as well as fun loving.

Orange lovers tend to be good natured and popular, but on the downside, could also be fickle.

Lovers of black tend to make excellent leaders and entrepreneurs.

Black is a color of mystery which is often associated with sexual attractiveness or even rebellion.

Colors play an important role upon the minds of men and women and different colors mean different things to different people.

Thus, if we ask you “what does blue color mean to you?Today, we will try and get an insight into what your favorite colors mean and symbolize.Blue is a popular color and many people have voted it as their favorite, from all across the world.People having Pink as their favorite color feel the need for love, security but also like to portray themselves as a bit delicate, or fragile.Pink lovers are charming and gentle and violence upsets them.They are generally in a good mood all the time, displaying a good sense of humor.When they do happen to feel low, which is rare, they may act aloof.However, such people also tend to keep their emotions a secret.People drawn to green are open emotional people who desire to love and be loved.People who love red tend to be passionate, but one needs to steer clear of them sometimes because they could also be short tempered.Lovers of red tend to be easily angered but also loving, courageous and fiery.


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