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Still, it’s best to avoid especially polarizing topics such as religion, abortion, and other hot-button debates.You don’t know who will read your college application essay or what they believe.As we mentioned earlier, you don’t know who is reading your essay or how they feel about these subjects.

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We encourage students to avoid writing “my hero” essays because they’re often overdone, and they put the focus on your hero instead of you.

John Mahoney, the director of undergraduate admissions at Boston College, says, “After reading [hero essays], we’d often love to admit Mom or Dad, but the applicant has told us nothing about themselves.” If you write about someone who influenced your life, make sure that you only briefly describe them.

Remember that the purpose of a college admissions essay is to help admissions officers get to know you.

If your essay is filled with lies and exaggerations, then you’ve missed the point entirely.

The admissions team found the essay off-putting, and the student was rejected.

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Had he chosen a “safer” topic, he would have received an acceptance letter.

Some of the best college application essays are written about small moments that are meaningful to the applicant.

You’re the only person with your exact combination of personal qualities, beliefs, values, and experiences, so you don’t need to lie or exaggerate to make your essay unique.

Over-the-top humor can also be a risk, but a well-placed joke or two is okay (if it reflects your personality).

Keep in mind that humor can sometimes fall flat in print, and admissions officers don’t like essays that come across as cheesy or “cutesy.” Often, students feel pressure to write about a completely unique, never-before-seen essay topic that will help them stand out.


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