Venture Capital In Essay

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How can students spot decent, legitimate companies?

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These companies can be a boon to an industry, providing income that allows people to make money.

Sometimes these corporate entities can operate in an manner that is insensitive to the needs of communities and the people in them.

The problems with these entities is that they become a faceless, nameless company that can reduce a business to nothing with no consideration to the employees and customers that their behaviors are going to affect.

Often times in the United States, jobs and communities can be destroyed by corporate buy outs, for no reason but to create a deal that is financially lucrative to the private equity firm.

In the second essay, I answer this question: do government venture capital funds crowd-in or crowd-out international private venture capital investment?

The crowding-in effect arises when international private venture capital benefits from government subsidies through the enhancement of an entrepreneurial ecosystem and investment syndication.

Traditionally those that get jobs in this industry have a unique understanding of a particular industry and have probably worked in the realm of that business for quite some time.

Most firms involved in private equity, require a person with a significant amount of operation experience in several different positions.


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