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In cue: "Waiting in Aspen for the president..." Out cue: "..Camp David alone with him." If time permits, have students watch the entire first program which focuses on the decision to go to war.Suggested questions to pose: As a large group, brainstorm what leaders need to consider before going to war. Some suggestions might be: strategic goals and purpose; military capability; morale; economic infrastructure; sensibility regarding casualities; domestic politics.

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Prior to the war, it was difficult for the United States to engage in military exercises or even arrange a port call without asking for permission months in advance. Sources: BP Amoco, Statistical Review of Worl Energy 1999 (Chicago: BP Amoco, 1999) Available on the internet at: Energy Information Administration, “Imports of Crude OIl and Petrolium Products into the United States by Country of Origin.” Available on the Internet at: petrolium_supply_annual/psa_volume1/current/txt/table21There is now an effective, permanent U. At the same time, there is an enormous amount of cynicism regarding U. Indeed, it was the failure of both the United States and the United Nations to explicitly spell out what was needed in order for sanctions to be lifted that led to Iraq suspending its cooperation with UN inspectors in December 1998. The Kurds are a nation of more than 20 million people divided among six countries and containing nationalist movements rife with factionalism. Turkey receives large-scale military, economic, and diplomatic support from the United States; during the 1990s, U. military aid and arms sales totaled about $10.5 billion.

The worst repression against the Kurds in recent years has come from Turkey, a NATO ally, which the U. On several occasions in recent years, thousands of Turkish troops have crossed into Iraqi territory to attack the Kurds.

Though these incursions also took place in the UN safe zone and have been far greater in scope than Saddam’s 1996 forays, President Clinton supported the Turkish attacks, making his harsh response to Iraq’s incursion appear to be motivated by other than humanitarian or legal concerns.

Although the United States clearly wants Saddam Hussein removed from power, the U. and other countries may not want to risk Iraq’s total disintegration.

This strategy came crashing down in 1979, however, with Iran’s Islamic revolution, which resulted from the popular reaction against the highly visible American support for the Iranian regime, the shah’s penchant for military procurement over internal economic development, and his brutal repression against any and all dissent.

The vast American-supplied arsenal fell into the hands of a radical anti-American regime. to fight a war that would rely so heavily on air power, be over so quickly, and enjoy such a favorable casualty ratio that popular domestic opposition would not have time to mobilize. hopes that such sanctions will lead to the downfall of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Throughout the centuries, Western nations have tried to impose their order on the region now commonly known as the Middle East.

policy in all major global regions and a comprehensive reform agenda.

As a large group, compare the answers of the two groups.

Look for areas where perceptions are different and ask students to consider what factors contribute to those different perceptions and how each side might have assessed their situation better.


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