Undergraduate Research Proposal Examples

Some common ways to define your topic include: Returning to our example, you might find some inspiring aspects of Huxley's real life intriguing.

Or perhaps you gravitate towards the story of Brave New World and want to investigate its social connections further.

By stating that the novel portrays a dystopian society, your thesis makes a claim, or statement of truth, that Huxley's future world has a dark underbelly.

The thesis also assumes that Huxley references Shakespeare with ironic intention.

A confirmation is sent to the undergraduate researcher(s) and faculty mentor(s) via e-mail once the submission has been received.

This confirmation provides a secure link for students and faculty mentors to access and update the submission.We'll also look at how to put together a bibliography of possible sources.Once you have a topic, however general, it's your job to whittle it down into a research question, or what your paper sets out to answer about its topic.Here's a tip to get started: choose a topic that ignites your passion.Brave New World is a fascinating novel set in a dystopian future where technology, industry, medicine, and government control the free will of British citizens.All UROP Fellows are required to submit an abstract and present at the following year's UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium.For more examples or more help, browse through some Sample Proposals and our Researcher's Handbook.Try it risk-free Let's say you're taking a course in English literature and your teacher has assigned a research paper on an author from the syllabus.The current unit covers topics in literature, science and 20th century society, including readings by Aldous Huxley, Philip K. You particularly enjoyed reading Brave New World, so you decide to write about Huxley.All funds awarded for a Fall Proposal must be expended by June.All funds awarded for a Spring Proposal must be expended by the end of the following June.


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