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Rob Saunders, Curator of the Letterform Archive has designed a 2014 calendar with each month featuring a rare masterwork from the Letterform Archive, exquisitely reproduced in high fidelity and full color.

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2001: A Space Odyssey in particular projects a perfectly designed vision of the future that has never been topped.

Experimental Jetset’s argument that design should have a certain autonomy and an inner logic separate from tastes and trends makes sense, but as a rationale for defaulting to Helvetica, is it convincing?

A 1922 business directory shows how great crass commercialism used to look.

In this coastal region slung just below the Pyrenees, one might expect to see evidence of the enduring cultural tensions between Spain and Catalonia — different kinds of signs or symbols, for instance â€" but on the surface at least, no such rift is exposed. And a quarter-inch to the right." That the building is the Guggenheim Museum, and that the architect was Frank Lloyd Wright, makes this photographic detail especially interesting.

Minnesota was making a play for the next big thing: the North Woods look. The encroachment of commercialism into everyday life seems like a peculiarly modern phenomenon.

Yet around one hundred years ago, America began a romance with salesmanship that today seems almost delirious.

Season 10 kicks off with the influence of Japanese American artists and designers—Ruth Asawa, George Nakashima, Isamu Noguchi, S.

Neil Fujita and Gyo Obata—in postwar American art and design.

Designers and Books explores Paris and the Artist’s Book in the 1920s and ’30s.

[BV] What‘s the point of album covers in the post-album era? [MB] The history of the Roman Empire, which spans hundreds of years and multiple continents, is chronicled in statues and monuments its citizens left behind.


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