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With it, students can log their reading and answer standards-aligned, higher-level thinking comprehension questions.

Those questions are delivered to your in-tray, where you give them a score.

But getting started doesn’t have to mean going in all at once.

Start small, with just one homework assignment a week.

Use: Daily or weekly The Homework: Log reading once a week and answer 1-3 questions.

This mind mapping software can also be used anywhere there’s an Internet connection and is perfect for brainstorming and connecting ideas and thoughts.Use: As needed The Homework: Have students create a movie poster for the movie version of the book they’re reading, including images of main characters or depicting the climax scene.Finally, make sure that students understand how to use the various tools and systems that you put in place.As an instructor, you can collect files from your students and all content received will be well-organized and stored in one place.As a student, it is super easy to use and there’s no limit to the size of the file uploaded.Instructors can choose what kind of online submissions they want you to use.You may also have the option to resubmit assignments if your instructor allows.Taking homework online, however, eliminates many of these problems: students can’t leave a Google Doc at home and can’t lose a blog post on your way to the car.There are also many apps that make grading and organizing online homework assignments faster and easier.This will give you and your students a chance to adjust.Before giving any online homework assignments, make a plan for how you’ll organize the process.


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