True Importance Of Christopher Columbus Essay

True Importance Of Christopher Columbus Essay-88
When Columbus was still alive, most of his contemporaries could not possibly foresee the chain of events that his discovery in 1492 would trigger.

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Although he did not find what he was initially looking for, the outcome of his undertaking was still positive by discovering a whole new landmass.

Fernandez-Armesto reveals the historical debates on Columbus.

[9] He discovered America because he was driven by his passion to find a westward trade route to India, but tenaciously sticking to his original aim and not recognizing and embracing his new discovery, would later tarnish his success.

His background was humble and his father was a middle-class wool weaver.

Columbus was looking for a westward route to India in the first place, because the Ottoman Empire had cut off the land routes to India.

As a result, European traders looked for new ways to access lucrative spices such as pepper.

The validity of the argument can be tested by considering the following counterfactual. Phillips indicates that undoubtedly someone else would soon have taken the step, even if Columbus had never lived.[10] While it seems likely that the Americas would have eventually been discovered by someone else, this way of thinking would discredit any human discovery or invention.

Philips’s assumption is based on the notion that the right conditions were created and for that matter anyone could have discovered the Americas since many other men had similar ideas, dreams of discovering the world and establishing new trading routes.

Although there were others who were passionate about exploration and discovering and mapping the world, their ideas never materialized.

The few who had the courage to take the risk of exploration were often not very successful in finding anything.


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