Treasure Island Analysis Essay

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Livesey, the closest one to a father figure for Jim.

He is kind and caring, feeling morally obliged to help even the worst of the pirates (though the amount of the sarcastic comments about their state of health is enormous).

He encounters pirates who seek to overthrow the ship's officers in a mutiny.

is notable as a children's book because of the moral ambiguity of many of its main characters; the "good guys" are sometimes not so good, and its most memorable character, Long John Silver, is a classic anti-hero.

He even has the mother that worries about him and doesn’t want to let him go to the possible dangers of adventures (and the lady is completely right!

) – maybe with the same words that our mothers forbade us to go camping or travel to another city alone.

We feel exactly like Jim felt while he was hiding in the barrel and listening to the pirate talks.

Speaking about the pirate talks – sometimes it is even difficult for the modern reader to understand moves forward and the cover of the pirates slowly starts slipping, the jargon becomes more and more thick and vivid, making us wonder if the main characters feel the same difficulties communicating with the crew.

It is the book that almost everyone of us had in our childhood, immersing ourselves in the world of dangerous adventures, fame, fortune, storms and hidden treasures.

The novel accumulated all the images of pirates we know and use today: dreadful , cunning John Silver with his peg leg, talking parrot and being affably evil, rum and the song about the dead man’s chest – this is now such an essential part of pirate fictions like striped robes for prisoners in cartoons.


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