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My writer brain is trying to help my verbal brain The one thing I can pass on as advice: DON' T GIVE UP Hi Interesting article and thanks for sharing.Keep up the great work at your most valuable resource.Regards craig PS “With focus, dedication, resilience, persistence and especially patience, support and love, a brain, any brain can be rewired to follow new neural pathways.” from and a sufferer of this sort of injury from a motorcycle RTC, I can confirm that recovery is slow but progressive although my short term memory is impaired as if I was 80.

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In fact, it is the basis for much of our cognitive and physical rehabilitation practices.

Part of rehabilitation is aimed at trying to rebuild connections among the nerve cells — or neurons.

She has a long history of providing cognitive psychotherapy and developing residential behavioral management programs for children and adults. I had learning issues before the TBI and now this, I thought. I wont remember where i put things and forget things said shortly after. I really feel like it helped some of my learning issues. I am very athletic, mountain bike ride and motorcross, which keeps me sane and happy. I had a massive stroke a year ago and I have severe physical deficits!

Like I've always been terrible at math but now I can do more than i used to. My grammar and spelling still suck but it's gotten better overtime as well. Another thing I had or lack ther of was no sense of smell at all. Almost everyday along with the tinnitus I have pain in my neck, ache ears and I wear a night guard for grinding my teeth. I can walk with assistance and can’t use my left arm.

I can equate my own going personal discovery to writing a thesis paper (remember 10th grade?

) I have gathered numerous bits of data and now I am seeing patterns, but I only have a thesis statement.What I have learned about plasiscity is the "writer" part of my brain is trying to compensate for the broken speech part of my brain.When my aphasia becomes overwhelming I spell out words and think in bulleted lists.Anxiety is the second most common diagnosis within TBI clients.The art therapy interventions that are developed will be using paint, collage, and nature/tactile materials.I seen a doctor for it that said I would never regain it back. Although not 100% better I can smell some flowers definately smell skunk some times before anyone else. I have been to many doctors and followed there path for healing and nothing has worked for the long haul. I wonder if Stemcell therapy can help me regain my movements! Every one tells me not to give up, but it’s really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel!If you have any advice or direction for me I would very much appreciate your help. found out that tinnitus is a response certain brain cells being starved of sound. My brain must have been extremely damaged because I didn’t get to the hospital on time. I have been living with the debilitating results of a TBI (complicated by multiple previous blows to the head through out my life) since 2010.TBI can impact quality of life emotionally, physicality and their cognition.Depression is one of the most common diagnosis within TBI clients, about thirty-three percent of the population are diagnosed with depression post one year from their accidents (Driskell, Starosta, & Brenner, 2016).This "re-wiring" of the brain can make it possible for a function previously managed by a damaged area to be taken over by another undamaged area.The connections among the cells are infinitely receptive to this type of change and expansion.


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