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As a solution to this problem the numbers of cars in the city should be minimized.

This paper will explain this argument through various researches done on this and some similar topics.

It is argued by the public that the congestion problem can also be solved by widening the roads.

It is also argued by the public that they pay taxes to the government so the government has no right to restrict them to use cars only outside the city.

Another signal you need to consider in your essay writing is to give your reader adequate notice before the road branches off to somewhere else.

In other words, when you're starting a new paragraph in your essay, give your reader some warning. We liken this to one of those road signs with an arrow pointing backward and another one pointing ahead.

Furthermore, in this paper the methods of reducing the number of cars in a city are demonstrated, such as park and ride system, Light Rail Transit (LRT) and the implementation of toll tax at every entrance to the city.

Public is convinced that by reducing the number of cars in a city, traffic congestion can be avoided and level of pollution can be reduced which helps to obtain a cleaner and healthier environment for the good of mankind.

The results reported that the majority of the people were against the traffic restraint scheme.

If you're writing an essay, you want to get a good grade, or at least to make your reader understand what you are trying to say.


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