Thesis Using Arduino

Thesis Using Arduino-66
In this article, humidity and temperature information from DHT-11 Humidity and Temperature sensor is analysed graphically on Thing Speak platform using Arduino MCU and ESP8266 Wi-Fi module.

In this article, humidity and temperature information from DHT-11 Humidity and Temperature sensor is analysed graphically on Thing Speak platform using Arduino MCU and ESP8266 Wi-Fi module.

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This ESP8266 based wireless web server project is built around an Arduino.

Currently, ESP8266 is gaining popularity in the field of electronics because it is low-cost, reliable and easily available in the market.

This project is available at: Arduino based RF controlled robot Presented here is a home automation system using a simple Android app, which you can use to control electrical appliances with clicks or voice commands. So you need not get up to switch on or switch off the device while watching a movie or doing some work.

This project is available at: Home automation system using android Fritzing is an open source software initiative that supports designers and artists who are ready to move from physical prototyping to the actual product.

Here, we develop a program with different functions for checking different ICs.

We systematically analyse and test the prototype for several ICs, accessing each individual pin with all possible inputs.This increase in interest is causing a lot of people to tinker with technology themselves.We compiled a list of Arduino projects that would be cool to design.We also investigate truth tables associated with different ICs over a display channel.This project is available at: Digital IC tester with the embedded truth table Presented here is an Arduino based audio meter that uses a liquid crystal display (LCD).It was developed at University of Applied Sciences of Potsdam, Germany.The software allows designers, artists, researchers or hobbyists to document their Arduino based prototypes and create PCB layouts for manufacturing.You can use this oscilloscope to capture frequency signals up to 5k Hz.The Arduino board, the heart of the oscilloscope, reads the values from its inbuilt analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) and pushes these to the PC via USB port.The circuit is nothing but a portable four-channel, multi-mode digital light controller, realised using very few external components.Four LEDs are made to glow in different sequences and patterns, controlled from the Arduino board.


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