Thesis On Road Accident In Ghana

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I hope you will appreciate my effort and also my essays. We also know the consequences of not following the traffic rules.

Still, the irony is no one follows it and by the time a person realizes his/her mistake, it’s too late.

For example, if a meteor falls on one’s house and destroys it. If you would have worn your helmet, the head injury would have been avoided.

It can be said that it’s bad luck because there was no way by which the person could have guessed its coming or could have done anything to protect his/her house but if you are going on your bike and due to some reason, your bike slips and you get a serious head injury. According to a credible research, most of the road accidents could be avoided or their effect could be minimised if proper precautions are taken.

Kids and young adults who idolize film stars and television personalities find it cool and try to imitate it in real life without realizing that what was shown in the movie was complete fake or special effect.

Movies like “Dhoom” and “Fast and Furious” etc have glamorized speed.

I think no amount of rules and regulations can solve this problem.

For this the mentality of the public (especially youngsters) needs to be changed.

Introduction We Indians are a great lot and are really great at discipline. In government offices one can find writen on the wall, “do not spit” or in Hindi, “Yahan pe thukna mana hai”. The silver lining is that, at least it’s not life threatening but not following traffic rules and guidelines could result in loss of life.

Where it is written “no parking”, there one can easily find many vehicles parked. I think, this is the biggest reason of road accidents.


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