The Vegetable Expert Dr Dg Hessayon

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Now updated and enlarged with more information, this new edition includes: Standard Vegetables - from artichokes to turnips with details of up-to-date varieties; Novelty Varieties - a new feature: white beetroots, black tomatoes, round cucumbers, purple potatoes...; Salad Leaves - grow-your-own baby leaves from cut-and-come-again vegetables; Non-standard Vegetables - plants not available at the supermarket: cardoons, celtuce, tomatillos, brukale; Grafted Vegetables - an exciting advance offering built-in root disease resistance; Oriental Vegetables - how to grow exotic greens and roots you've never seen before; Baby Vegetables - naturally dwark varieties such as pencil-thin leeks and finger-long corn; and Herbs - from basil to thyme.

Tree and Shrub Expert: (USA) - Amazon UK - Amazon Japan (Popup help) I can also personally recommend the "Vegetable and Herb Expert", though this is more or less pure gardening - you won't learn much botany from it. Hessayon was fictional, because the books, while useful, don't read as though they were written by an individual.

Yama-Kei 1995, (10x16.5 cm) Each volume is 750-plus pages, about 75% covered with photographs, with (Japanese) index to all three volumes.

The description for each plant includes the Latin (scientific) name, but there is no Latin index.

This year, however, I am hoping to produce a crop of legumes that Dr Hessayon says “deserves to be more widely grown”.

According to Chiltern Seeds, chick peas have been grown for centuries in Asia and the Mediterranean and their white-skinned variety comes from Italy. "pbi PUBLICATIONS", 1983 Despite the publisher's wonky capitalisation, and the slightly odd use of Hessayon's "Dr." handle, this is a very useful book.Vegetable and Herb Expert: (USA) - Amazon UK - Amazon Japan (Popup help) Update May 2001 - For some time I hypothesized that the Dr. Tom Coady points out that apparently he is not only real but alive and kicking, giving a "rare" interview to uk.This is because I have some Chick Pea ‘Principe’ seeds from the family-run Chiltern Seeds, which specialises in unusual herbs, flowers and vegetables.Until now my chick peas have always come ready-to-eat in tins, or dried and in need of hours of boiling.Harvard University Press, 1990, 270 pp large format (22x28 cm) see my review I got the hardback version from Daedalus for about : this is out of print, but a paperback reissue appeared in 1995.Paperback: - Amazon UK - Amazon Japan (Popup help) Find used hardback copy through ABE Suzuki Isao et al: Colour pocket plant photo-guides (three volumes, by flower season), pub.It also remains an invaluable source for identifying diseases and explaining which sort of pests damage what sort of plants and how to prevent them.You can buy whole books on pests and diseases alone, but The New Vegetable And Herb Expert will tell you everything you need to know in a few sentences with the aid of clever illustrations. But in common with his 21 previous books in the “Expert” gardening series the new version retains its no-nonsense, easy-to-follow, sowing diagrams and charts with succinct instructions and quick guides to varieties. Hessayon’s The New Vegetable And Herb Expert has new sections on baby vegetables, oriental vegetables, grafted vegetables and novelty varieties.


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