The Research Model For Writing Term Paper

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(Please note that this article is aimed at term papers written for German universities and colleges.

The requirements at English faculties differ considerably!

Just make sure in the end all the literature, quotes and theories previously selected are mentioned.

First revision and proofreading Now carefully scan through the whole script and look out for technical, as well as formal mistakes.

In this case, the analyzing material should be selected and organized.

Integrating sources and data to the outline All selected material is now included to the outline.Term papers are a common method of examination, set up to complete modules or seminars.Therefore, their topics are usually geared at the seminars or lectures contents.When writing the term paper in the course of a seminar and/or lecture, the group of themes is usually prescribed.If that’s not the case, reflecting the sessions might help: what was the most striking or interesting part of it? The answers to all of these questions can be looked at in an academic context.This can either be done hierarchically or by looking at each aspect separately.While doing so, compare or contrast the theories discussed.Writing the first draft In this step, order and correctness are subordinate.Try and write every idea down, if there is anything unclear, write it down aswell.If you wish for a professional correction, online proofreading services are an advisable option.Writing the final draft / contribution Revise the text at your own discretion. Contributing your work is now the last remaining step.


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