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Despite this, the actions of Roosevelt and Wilson significantly expanded the powers of the presidency, and government at all levels began to accept the responsibility for the welfare of society.The onset of World War I, however, cut short the progressive spirit of reform.

Wilson’s New Freedom program linked liberal reform to individual initiative and the free play of markets.

Wilson was able to inspire Americans with his ideas, his graceful oratory, and his passionate belief in his causes.

The progressive era is an important era in the American history.

It is important to note that the era preceded the rolling twenties.

In it, he pledged to destroy privilege and to give the highest possible value to every individual. The Democrats chose another young, well educated: Woodrow Wilson, governor of New Jersey.

The Democrats adopted a progressive platform designed to unite the East and South. Its economic and political ideas appealed to reason and self-interest.Included were the Federal Farm Loan Act, the Adamson Act, the Keating-Owen child labor law, and support for women’s suffrage.After 1916, Wilson accepted much of Roosevelt’s New Nationalism, supporting greater federal power and regulation.They were not radicals in search of revolutionary change but rather well educated and informed men and women who wanted orderly, well-reasoned change.Government was not unaffected by the progressives and one area of government, namely the executive branch, acquired significantly more power during this period.Progressivism was neither created nor intended to fit the beliefs of either Roosevelt or Wilson but gave incite to their beliefs and discussed their support on Progressive ideals.Which later helped to shape their plans for gaining votes and help to pursue their own policies?Roosevelt, was also focused on what he called his "New Nationalism", with concentrations on enhancing regulation and legislation these were things he hoped would help in his fight against things he considered to inhumane of Big Business, another of his idea was known as his "Square Deal", in "Square Deal" Roosevelt drew his plan for enforcing equal opportunity for all members of society, Roosevelt threatened to use the army to seize control of the mines, forcing them to settle.Historians have called Theodore Roosevelt the first modern president.The election of 1912 became a race that would define the future of industrial America. This came about because of his ability to control party delegates.Roosevelt called his new political program "New Nationalism". Roosevelt then accepted the nomination of the newly formed Progressive Party. It was a party made up of those who created progressivism and women were active delegates.


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