The I Like Most Cricket Essay

The players consist of batsmen, bowler and fielders. The bowler delivers the ball from one wicket to the batsman stationed at the opposite wicket.

Being a spin bowler I can get frustrated quite easily as it easier for a batsman to drive, pull or loft me because I bowl at a much slower pace - actually two times slower than a fast bustling fast bowler, giving the batsman ample time to make decisions and encounter the ball.

Their weapons are fingers, flight and deception when imparting spin on the ball instead of sheer pace, bounce and swing which the faster bowlers use being the tall giants of cricket and sometimes bullies too - look at the Aussie Glenn Mc Grath's intimidating attitude for example - no offence to any proud Australian reading this.

Contrastingly, I would like to inform you of my own cricket - my own game.

I play cricket every lunch time in school and at weekends for Stourbridge Cricket Club in the summer.


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