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You know all about chemical spills, the oppression of women, declining fertility rates, and the story of a Handmaid (Offred) and her life in a totalitarian society. (I’ve also included essay ideas to help you get started with your analysis and a few example essays to help inspire your writing.) themes included in this list, keep in mind that a theme is different than the plot. In this case, the plot revolves around the tale of a Handmaid named Offred. If you’re struggling to understand The Handmaid’s Tale themes, keep reading to learn more about three key themes to analyze in your essay.Consider connecting The Handmaid’s Tale to current discussions of gun control, abortion, or freedom of speech. Check out this example essay that connects The Handmaid’s Tale to current society.

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People become so accustomed to their lives that they don’t always see the true dangers of living in a society in which they’re under complete control of the government.

Many people today worry about freedoms being stripped away.

The Guardians of the Faith and The Eyes are prime examples.

They have little control over their own lives, but they’re essentially spies watching over others.

Because they have this seemingly small amount of control, they’re more willing to accept their roles and the rules of society.

Their complacency continues as long as they’re given some amount of control (over something or someone).

If the novel were to continue, what would her next chapter look like?

A theme is an underlying meaning (or message) of the story.

It uses the same force and intimidation to maintain power.

The government engages in war with surrounding countries and uses the same violence on its own citizens.


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