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The words are not exactly commonplace in most average vocabularies, so the presence of them causes the reader to slighter falter.It’s a possibility that the reader would put the book down and retrieve a dictionary.This adds to the reader’s understanding of the narrator’s arduous task.

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We lose the people we love and we break bonds of trust we otherwise thought were unbreakable.

The tragic thing is that no matter how much we want to make things right, there will always be the great risk of making yet another error.

In this moment of panic it is expressed that the divorce was his own fault, ‘’My God, all of his other fuckups were just preparations for this.

(line 135)’’ Throughout the story the protagonist is very reflective and his thoughts are characterized by nervousness and anxiousness.

This creates a sense of suspense and keeps the reader anxiously waiting for the climax.

The language used in the story is simple, contemporary and informal but there are certain factors to consider.

The failure to pause to form the sentences correctly gives the impression of a child telling a story; not so much worried about the grammatical structure, but more focused on the matter at hand.

This immature and juvenile form of writing conveys the narrators loose presence of mind at this time.

This stumbling on the reader’s part coincides with the narrators stumbling.

Mc Cormac had the reader tripping on words at the exact moment that the narrator is tripping on talus slides.


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