Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Essay

Perhaps none of the club's efforts was more significant than one of their earliest -- the battle for Yellowstone.While Yellowstone had been officially designated a national park, the designation included no provision for its protection from commercial exploitation.

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When mining and railroad interests threatened to seriously damage the park, Boone and Crockett rose to the defense.

With editorials, speaking engagements, and furious lobbying among Washington's rich and powerful, the B & C succeeded.

In 1882, after being elected to the New York State Legislature, Roosevelt donated the bulk of the Roosevelt Museum of Natural History to the Smithsonian Institution.

But his interest in the outdoors did not end with the museum's closing.

Fortunately, forward-thinking sportsmen began to organize for the conservation of game and game habitat.

Theodore Roosevelt, an avid hunter, joined the fight.

While written in a childish hand, the notebooks in which young Roosevelt logged his studies reflected the zeal with which he pursued Nature.

They contained complete descriptions of the animals collected, including size, sex, place and date collected, habits, and even stomach contents.

With the stroke of his presidential pen, Roosevelt created Pelican Island Bird Reservation.

This was the first, but not by far the last, time Roosevelt would use such power.


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