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MRI figures out the defect in every detail that cannot be detected by CT scans.It shows that it is the best imaging method for distinguishing tumors in the brain and is also used to examine the role of the human brain by monitoring mental processes.

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In this industry, the actual business practice is widely influence by various forces in able survive its competition.

As a result many problems were resolved because of these inventions and ingenuities that humans established. X-Radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation composed of X-rays.

X-Rays poses greater wavelength than gamma rays but shorter than Ultra Violet rays.

As shown by the increasing influx of immigrants here in the United States taking a shot at the American dream, it is evident that they find our country a land of opportunity (CBS News, 2008).

Plus the fact that more and more students choose to study here, we assume that we take pride in the quality of education that we have.


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