Teaching Creative Writing In High School

Teachers sometimes struggle with teaching revision, especially if: Unfortunately, not all English teachers in K-12 put equal emphasis on the writing PROCESS, so students may need to be reminded about the revising, proofreading, and publishing/sharing steps.

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Sometimes, those cries are the truth, but a lot of times, they DO have an idea and just don't feel self-confident enough to move forward with it.

Middle and high school writers constantly claim that they "can't think of anything to write about" or "don't know what to write next".

At first, especially in a longer unit or course, you're up against a lot of student uncertainty, so break the ice with quick writes! A majority of the class will like it, but you WILL have some students who are slow to decide on an idea and will need time to get better at this. Yes, sometimes it's good practice for everyone to respond to the same prompt.

Regardless of your experience and enthusiasm, teaching creative writing can be daunting in all its forms (fiction, poetry, narrative nonfiction, etc.). Be prepared to fight discomfort in this area at first.

Never lose sight of why we bother with creative writing (other than our standards and curriculum): expressing emotions and messages to readers.

If your enthusiasm is flagging, the kids will see it, so hold onto this idea to remember that we should ALWAYS feel something while reading and writing.My all-time favorite ways to teach this are with metaphors, specifically how proofreading is like checking your teeth vs. You'd be surprised at how few students know (or accept) that editing and revising are not the same thing...as well as how many students don't know how to revise authentically.Creative writing exercises are a good way to help develop voice, learn about the elements of storytelling, and explore new styles and genres.These exercises can also help writers unleash their creativity and break ingrained writing reflexes.They need to see lists of possible sentences and think about how they could respond.If you need help, try this set of "superlative" comments that students can award to each other!This kind of writing may provide a therapeutic outlet, or might simply be more appropriate to what they want to pursue one day. If you need a starting point, here are five realistic fiction assignments that can be based on real or fictional events. This is one of the single most important lessons I teach that has the most visible impact in student drafts.If they know this difference, they can identify boring/direct sentences and "convert" them into more nuanced indirect ones. For everyone's sanity, have a word/page maximum, not just a minimum, and require teacher permission to exceed it.Read on for some creative writing exercises for high school aged students.These exercises can be used in the classroom, at writing groups or in workshops, or you can use them if you want to practice creative writing with your friends.


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