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In the 18th century, education was not widespread, but all the educated in the Western world wrote.

Applicants should contact the Office of Education in their home state or country to find details of how teachers are certified in their region.

Anyone who holds an MFA in Creative Writing from an accredited institution may apply for the Certificate program.

Although the Certificate is not a formal teaching “credential,” we believe that it is very useful to the following groups: The Post-Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Creative Writing is a one-semester program completed in three stages: The entering Certificate Student must attend a 10-day residency on the Antioch University Los Angeles campus during which he or she completes the following requirements: *Some requirements of the Pre-Project Period Residency are waived for students who have already completed requirements at previous AULA Residencies.

Women of means, locked out of the profession of writing altogether, wrote diaries and letters often and at length—luckily, since much of our sense of daily life is now retrieved from such of their manuscripts as have survived. One is to get its students ready for life in the “real” world.

The other is to keep, in a cool dry place, the knowledge and wisdom that the real world isn’t buying at the moment.


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