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The team consists of 7 people (including Ben and Griffin): Savannah the Dog whisperer, to get past Swindle's crazy big Doberman/Guard Dog Luthor; Logan the actor, to distract Swindle's eagle eyed neighbor who never goes inside; Antonia "Pitch" the "born to climb" girl, to scale the skylight in Swindle's house; Darren Vader who the others had no choice but to add to the team, for he threatened to rat them out (But Darren proved to be useful pulling people up the skylight); Melissa the socially impaired computer geek, who was used to break into Swindle's Ultra Tech alarm system.The tension is piled with an unexpected visit from the auctioneer, yet another even more menacing guard dog, and a betrayal from the person who begged to be in the group.The book was followed by multiple sequels, titled Zoobreak, Framed!

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other than the pencils with fuzzy dog toppers (cringe).

It helps that “Swindle” was featured prominently in a video we show students hyping up some of the books that will be on sale. This heist story is sure to catch on with a wide range of readers, including that hardest to reach segment of the reading population: boys. He has a plan for everything and can always count on his best friend Ben to help him execute his grand ideas.

But being an elf is nothing compared to being blamed when a prized Christmas possession -- worth over ten million dollars -- is stolen right from under your nose.

Not when Santa is bad news and Rudolph is being played by a Doberman who makes up his own rules wherever he goes.

One such idea leads to the discovery of an old Babe Ruth baseball card.

When the boys take the card to their local memorabilia fanatic (S.

I work as library media specialist in a school district with four elementary buildings.

Right now two of the schools are holding their annual book fair and “Swindle” is the most sought after item …

He lives in New York with his family and can be found on the web at

A smart young boy named Griffin Bing decides to gather their entire grade in a sleepover in an old house about to be demolished after their plan for using a new space in their town to make a skate park was thrown out because of their youth.


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