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"Unbelievers" is really a mistranslation, "pagans" or "idolaters." The Arabian tribes who broke their oaths are the ones that Surah 9 refers to.

Did not Allah check one set of people by means of another, there would surely have been pulled down monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure (if Muslims did not protect them).

Opposers of Islam often label Islam a religion of violence. There are numerous scholars on both sides of the debate about the inherent peacefulness or violence of Islam and the Qur'an.

Above, we examined one supposed sword verse, Quran 9:5, and showed that in context, the verse told Muslims to fight against those who had attacked them first and to desist from fighting if their opposers quit their attacks.

Now we will look at another alleged violence-advocating passage in the Qur'an.

"Time does not permit us to study all the relevant verses.

We will begin by looking first at look at one key verse in Surah 9 which is perhaps the most quoted by those who seek to portray the Qur'an as intolerant and violent.To say, "Let's live together in peace and let God judge between us" is a religiously tolerant view advocating peaceful coexistence.Using "hellfire" verses in the way the above website does distorts the reality of human interaction.Below, we will also examine another oft-quoted verse in Surah 2." The oft-quoted part of the first reads: The question we want to address is whether the context supports the violent proposition that these isolated words seem to advocate.Are they meant to apply to all situations throughout history without limit or does the Qur'an restrict them to a specific historical context?The Holy Quran explains that Muslims are permitted to fight only in specific situations: "Permission to fight is given to those against whom war is made, because they have been wronged" ().True Islam recognizes that fighting is only permissible in self-defense, and only after an aggressor first wages war.(But the treaties are) not dissolved with those Pagans with whom ye have entered into alliance and who have not subsequently failed you in aught, nor aided any one against you. Quran -13 - But if they violate their oaths after their covenant, and taunt you for your Faith, - then fight the chiefs of Unfaith: for their oaths are nothing to them: that thus they may be restrained.Will ye not fight people who violated their oaths, plotted to expel the Messenger, and took the aggressive (path) by being the first (to attack) you? Nay, it is Allah Whom ye should more justly fear, if ye believe!Quran 6 - Let there be no compulsion in religion...Quran 6: 107-108 - If it had been Allah's plan, they would not have taken false gods: but We made thee not one to watch over their doings, nor art thou set over them to dispose of their affairs...


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