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Morgan wanted to open everyones eyes after the lawsuit that was made towards Mc Donalds because of two girls that were 14 and over weight.Spurlock used the case initially to reference back on what the judge said about the case and the establishment throughout the film, which was great because it explained a lot that was left unsaid after the case.In the documentary Morgan decides to eat three meals a day at Mc Donald’s for a one month.

After an initial bit of sickness he gets to enjoy the food and eats it three times per day.

However after a week or two, his doctors begin to notice significant increases in body fat, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Spurlock sends this message in a really entertaining way while also having good digs at Mc Donalds.

His relaxed style is refreshing and allows the facts to speak for themselves.

However, I would say this; if you only see this film to sneer at those visibly unhealthy or to tear a strip off Mc Donalds then you are missing the bigger point – it is easy to eat unhealthy, cheap food no matter what brand it is – eating it every day and having a poor diet is a major problem and, if nothing else this should challenge all of us to look at our own habits and not just point and laugh at others.

The documentary “Super Size Me,” written and directed by Morgan Spurlock, took me by surprise in so many ways.

Interspersed with this are interviews with experts on the nutritional value, marketing and impact of Mc Donalds and fast food generally.

Several years ago I read the book Fast Food Nation and basically that ended my interest in the main fast food outlets and saw my consumption of processed foods drop quite a bit.

He is certainly a lot more interesting than his vegan girlfriend who is one of those overbearing self-righteous types who look down their nose at anything.

His good humour makes the film but it is the documentary rather than the gimmick that kept me watching.


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