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We will provide you with a helpful magic map which will support you in this curious essay-writing-game.It’s really your magic map as all essays have the same foundational structure.So, find out how to write a meaningful, interesting and coherent academic essay! Your attention-grabber can be in the form of the interesting quotation, question, story, anecdote, statistic or surprising statement.

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Tell the reader why it was important to discuss the topic, outline the problematic issue and share your findings briefly. We are sure that using our “magic map” you can easily overcome all difficulties arising during the studying process.

Also, in the paragraph, you can mention future implications or propose possible solutions. Our skeleton perfectly fits various essays on different topics.

Show what you are going to explore in your essay and to focus on.

Its length depends on the length of the whole essay.

After tasting previous courses, you have the last one that can easily spoil a spectacular impression! It is the reason why you must be accurate and coherent while writing the conclusion paragraph.

It’s you last occasion to impact on the reader’s mind.

Wherever you study at university or college, or your biggest dream is to graduate from high school, you just can’t avoid writing academic papers. And now, when nothing to remains but to start writing your essay, you’ve stuck like Winnie the Pooh at Rabbit’s House. As a rule, essay performs a few different operations such as introducing the topic, analyzing material, raising counterarguments, making a conclusion.

No matter what class you've chosen, you meet this assignment during the course. To get a success, you need to put up questions and give the answers to a particular time frame and word limit. All those things intend to demonstrate your profound knowledge and thorough understanding of the chosen topic. As any academic writing, an essay has its own framework and basic structure.

Of course, the “essay map” is flexible as assignments differ in content and style.

However, if you know the main rules, it will be simple to structure writing pieces further.


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