Strictly Ballroom Scott Hastings Essay

His voice has a very pleasant timbre, and he handles all his sung material well, although he has an odd habit of crescendo/decrescendo on sustained notes.

Kate Harrison’s mousy-to-marvellous Fran displays her acting ability.

Kurt Benton (playing Scott Hastings) and Kate Harrison (playing Fran) both have sufficient stamina, as well as the dance chops needed to convince us.

Benton gets to display his balletic ability as well as a good ballroom discipline.

There’s no doubting his character’s officiousness, bluster and connivance; Baz Luhrmann’s and Craig Pearce’s book offers Fife a glorious smorgasbord of acting choices.

This version of the character has more in common with a pantomime dame than a petty-minded official intent on retaining control.There’s ‘ballroom’ in the title, so dance is a primary element of this piece.The popularity of the film means that audience members have high expectations.Director Byrne, by engaging the operators of the Arthur Murray Dance Centre Adelaide as co-choreographers, ensured that ballroom dance has been taught thoroughly and, in some cases, polished to a gleam.The work of Choreographers Tara Johnston and Thomas Coghlan is evident in the whole ensemble’s dance work.Shirley Hastings, golden-boy Scott’s adoring mother, and Ballroom Association President Barry Fife, are both larger than any known life-form.As Shirley, Carolyn Adams’ performance energy is prodigious, and her dance-mum-from-hell looks wonderful.For the magnificence of the spectacle, Ann Williams (Costume Designer, Creator and Co-ordinator) and Sue Winston (Wardrobe Supervisor), please take a bow! Company choral numbers were a trial, with ragged entries, wayward harmonies, and under-powered, audibly puffed-out singers. You need to be able to do the acting, the singing and the dancing… It seems that, in comparison to the dance component, singing was sadly under-rehearsed.Those good, hard-working performers on stage simply needed more help with their singing.Lauren Weber, as Liz Holt, the spurned dance partner, has fun spitting extravagant vitriol.Joel Amos, who clearly swigs teeth whitener regularly, creates such an archetypal ballroom character in his portrayal of Ken Railings, that his character beams across the footlights.


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