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To do this, match external opportunities and threats with your internal strengths and weaknesses, as illustrated in the matrix below: *To access the worksheets under “Tools & Techniques” please refer to our Strategic Planning Kit for Dummies.Evaluate the options you’ve generated, and identify the ones that give the greatest benefit, and that best achieve the mission and vision of your organization. GET THE FREE GUIDE The strategic management process is about getting from Point A to Point B more effectively, efficiently, and enjoying the journey and learning from it.

Conclusion: A strategic plan needs to be adaptive to survive changing or unanticipated conditions.

An organization that develops and executes a strategic plan gains significantly from the experience, and starting with a working model and then building a tangible plan can be more successful for your organization than having no plan at all.

Having a good strategy dictates “how” you travel the road you have selected and effective execution makes sure you are checking in along the way.

On average, this process can take between three and four months.

You need to choose someone to oversee the implementation (Chief Strategy Officer or Strategy Director) and then you need some of the key individuals and decision makers for this team.

It should be a small group of approximately 12-15 persons.By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.The SWOT analysis helps you ask, and answer, the following questions: “How do you….” *To access the worksheets under “Tools & Techniques” please refer to our Strategic Planning Kit for Dummies.If your team wants to take the next step in the SWOT analysis, apply the TOWS Strategic Alternatives Matrix to help you think about the options that you could pursue.Over the life of your strategic plan, you may discover that some of the underlying assumptions of your strategy are flawed or incomplete.Often your organization’s mission and vision may remain the same while your objectives and goals will need to be revised or updated.Sometimes it is helpful to also include Ecological and Legal trends as well.All of these trends play a part in determining the overall business environment.However no one organization is alike and you may decide to fast track your process or slow it down.Move at a pace that works best for you and your team and leverage this as a resource.


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