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In addition, the growth in space debris will make orbit operations and space flight more hazardous, difficult and more costly if frequent maneuvers are required to avoid debris. military is currently tracking about 20,000 objects and has cataloged more than 40,000 objects over the years.A satellite would have to carry extra fuel for these extra maneuvers and would likely need to shield critical areas from collisions with small debris. Space debris numbers are estimated to rise to over 100,000 objects in the coming years.

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This expertise has been used to support the needs of Air Force, NRO, NASA, NOAA, FAA and other customers.

To measure the effects of atmospheric reentry on space objects, CORDS developed the Reentry Breakup Recorder (REBR)—a small, lightweight, self-contained, autonomous, survivable and locatable data-recording device.

Even tiny debris objects can inflict grave harm to critical sensors and spacecraft components.

A one-centimeter-sized object is considered lethal if it hits a satellite and an object down to one millimeter can critically damage a satellite if it hits a critical component.

As a world leader in space debris research, The Aerospace Corporation (Aerospace) has supported the Space Surveillance Network for nearly 60 years. Space debris affects everyone especially since almost everything we do in our modern way of life uses satellite technology.

Space debris adds to the cost of operating satellites because if debris destroys a satellite, it may take years and hundreds of millions of dollars to restore that satellite's service.Smaller pieces of space debris include fragments of vehicles that exploded or collided and bits of insulation and paint that have come off of space vehicles.Generally, the smaller the debris, the more there is of it.Space debris is anything in orbit that is man-made and is no longer in use.It consists of old, inactive satellites; rocket stages; and other discarded hardware.There is also the issue of property rights; you can’t grab a satellite or rocket that belongs to another country without their permission.There is no easy way to control the small-but-dangerous objects that are not well tracked or not tracked at all.Aerospace’s Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies (CORDS) is addressing the issue of space debris and space traffic management by developing tools and techniques that will analyze potential collision scenarios, study reentry breakups of upper stages and spacecraft and model debris objects in space.These efforts are critical given the predicted population growth in launch efforts and LEO satellite constellations.Most space debris objects are too small to be tracked but large enough to damage spacecraft.It is estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of objects that could be fatal or catastrophic to a space mission and millions of objects that are capable of causing damage.


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