Solve Long Division Problems

They come with and without remainder (best to start without).It is vital, in our humble math opinion, that young math learners not only learn the tail division, but also learn how to verify the outcome.We have a selection of long division worksheets here with ready to fill in boxes and several difficulty levels, so that students can gradually master the 'science of the dreaded long division'.

Plan activities that ask students to create “fact families” in order to make sure students understand how different functions interact.

This is a good time in the lesson to teach students how to check their answers.

When they’re done, the second student looks for errors and continues the problem.

If they finish the problem, they can call for you to come check their work and trade the correct answer for a card with a new problem.

Remember that this is a totally new concept for students, so take the time to model problems on the board.

Have a discussion about why the steps work, and help them understand how place value plays an important role in the process., “the representation and retrieval of mathematical facts from long-term memory” is one of the most important factors in determining a student’s future mathematical success.According to the same study, Use base 10 blocks or money to reinforce place value and number sense.Have them create a poster, song, mnemonic device or even a small skit that they can present to their classmates.If they’re invested in finding a way to remember the steps, they’re more likely to learn quickly.Multiply the quotient by the divisor and add the remainder.Once the concept is clear and mastered fully, math students can solve the next long division worksheets: 3 digits divided by 1 digit, 3 digits divided by 2, 4 (or 5 or 6) digits by 2, and so on.It’s a big concept that’s different from anything they’ve learned before, and some (if not all) of your students might struggle at first.If you need to, go back to simpler equations and some of the earlier steps that we’ve outlined for you and work through them until your students feel confident.We also have a section of tail division exercises that need to be completed, the boxes need to be filled in.This 'reverse' way of solving problems can be used in assessing one's mastery of the tail division concept.


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