Social Media Plan For Small Business

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If you're just starting, or don’t feel confident creating your own content, content curation is the way to go.Sharing others’ content can help you: Every business is different, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to how often you should be posting on each social channel, or how much time, in general, you should devote to your social media activities.

Social Media Plan For Small Business

You're most definitely not alone - most people have been winging it for years when it comes to using social media for business. It's simply not realistic to expect that random posting on social media will produce results, much less the results you want.

Having a defined social media management plan will enable you to: But of course, if you're a small business, your resources - both time and money - are limited.

That means you also don’t want a complicated strategy which takes forever to understand, let alone enact.

What is important is that whatever frequency or amount of time you choose to devote to your social media plan, you need to do it consistently. Also keep in mind that the more aggressive your sales goals are, the more time you need to invest in your marketing and lead generation efforts to produce the results you want.

You can pre-schedule your posts on most social platforms, and scheduling all your posts once a week is a great way to save time and increase efficiency.


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