Slaughterhouse Business Plan

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Island Growth Initiative (IGI) took on the Mobile Poultry Processing Trailer, or MPPT, as one of its programs.

The initial investment was high, but over a few years and as the program solidified its place in the community, the intensive day-to-day behind-the-scenes work diminished.

That way, from the most introverted to extroverted, all have a chance to speak safely and be respected by the group.

The Mobile Poultry Processing Trailer as a Private Enterprise So you want to run a mobile poultry slaughterhouse as a private business? Buy the equipment, lay the groundwork with your regulators, and get the word out that you’re open and ready for business.

Start-up expenses for Parkdale Meats include initial insurance premiums covering both general liability and product liability, as well as business renter's insurance, rent for 1 month's security and 2 months to allow for build-out of the retail space, pre-launch marketing to cover flyers, a direct mail campaign, and advertisements in local papers, the development of a website with e-commerce capabilities to take orders and sell meats directly, and the normal legal expenses for consultation and permitting.

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Inventory on-hand at any given time must be low as all meats must be kept extremely fresh and so will be ordered on a weekly basis or even more often.The store will be managed and directed by Robert Suidae, a veteran butcher with fifteen years experience in butcher shops and Eryka Auroch, an experienced retail food-service manager.Auroch will serve as the company's CEO and Suidae as the company's COO.As odd as that first seemed to the agencies, I believe the Mobile Poultry Processing Trailer’s success is largely attributable to the fact that it run by a local, community-based nonprofit organization and not a private enterprise.IGI’s only skin in the game is supporting farmers; it isn’t a farmer itself, a farm, a processor, or some other related agriculture business. Tread carefully, though: starting a new nonprofit is a big undertaking.The partnership agreement allows for one partner to buy out the other in the case that the partnership must be dissolved and sets predetermined methods to determine the company's valuation in that case.The following summary table shows the projected start-up costs over the three months prior to the store's opening.For a robust and festive beginning, host a Farmers’ Dinner.This event is specifically for the farmers and backyard growers in your community so you can ask them their opinions, share your developing plan, and get your survey back. Work openly and respectfully with the farmers and the regulators in your community. You’ll run into each other on the soccer field, at the bank or farmers’ market, or in the grocery store. Understand that from the farmer to the grocer to the eater to the regulator, they all approach the goal of safe chicken through different emphases and missions.Gathering the Players You won’t have a mobile slaughterhouse if you don’t have farmers who raise livestock.What are the steps in pulling together the active players?


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