Simmias Harmony Thesis

Also be able to lodge a serious objection against the argument.Read 78c-81a Socrates presents an argument from affinity for the immortality of the soul.

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Howeverm he also maintain that in order for the soul to govern the body, it must prompt regulating behaviour to satisfy the body's needs/desires. We do not understand this fully, and Socrates think that the body becomes greedy in its demands on the soul to satisfy its desires.

He thinks that only true philosophers are able to put these urges into context and only partially satisfy them, e.g. If we take Socrates at his word, does this mean that one ignores or only partially fulfils one's bodily urges? Conclusion If one can call into question Socrates' theory of the forms and argument from recollection, then it follows that his defence to Simmias' objections is, in fact, flawed.

If such a state could ever exist, then there would be no need for an 'attunement' of any kind, since the power of the mind and they body would be equally balanced.

Socrates presents a complicated argument for the immortality of the soul, or at least for the conclusion that the soul exists prior to the body.

(Recall our discussion of the doctrine in Plato's ).

Be able to present and explain the argument in as clear a manner as possible.Facing death, he discusses his theory for the immortality of the coul with his friends around him - Simmias, Cebes and Phaedo.They choose not to wholly accept Socrates' ideas, and Simmias in particular puts forward his own ideas, namely the theory of attunement.After an interval of some months or years, and at Phlius, a town of Peloponnesus, the tale of the last hours of Socrates is narrated to Echecrates and other Phliasians by Phaedo the 'beloved disciple.' The Dialogue necessarily takes the form of a narrative, because Socrates has to be described acting as well as speaking.The minutest particulars of the event are interesting to distant friends, and the narrator has an equal interest in them.During the voyage of the sacred ship to and from Delos, which has occupied thirty days, the execution of Socrates has been deferred. Mem.) The time has been passed by him in conversation with a select company of disciples.But now the holy season is over, and the disciples meet earlier than usual in order that they may converse with Socrates for the last time.The Heraclitean "opposites generate opposites" principle plays a salient role in the argument.So does the Doctrine of Learning as Recollection conjoined with a reincarnation thesis.If the soul is supposed to come into conflict with the body, it is not easy to see how and the soul is reputed to control it and take responsibility for its actions.Scorates must therefore answer the question by defining what he perceives the body to consist of, or things felt in accordance with the body".


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