Should Physician Assisted Suicide Be Legalized Essay

Presented to the readers, in lavish detail, as the “Gift of Death,” with a very appealing protagonist, this article romanticizes the death of John Shields.More importantly, I see it as describing, and prescribing, a model for good death in North America today.

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“Death with dignity” for the past 40 years has meant, for many people, avoiding unwanted medical technology and dying in a hospital.

A “natural” death at home or in a hospice facility has been the goal.

We should beware of prescribing a particular form of “death with dignity” as a model for the end of life and not acknowledging other perspectives.

Dying process is too often needlessly protracted by these medical technology is consequently marked by incapacitations, intolerable pain, and indignity.

Terminally ill patient commonly experience unremitted and intolerable pain despite optimal pain management [3].

In these situations, physician assisted suicide is sometime applied, which is controversial legally and ethically issue [4].

During the last 20 years, physician-assisted suicide has been legalized for terminally ill patients in several states of the United States, and recently “medical assistance in dying,” which also includes active euthanasia, has become legal in Canada.

How should we think about what constitutes a good death now?

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