Shooting Stars Carol Ann Duffy Essay Conclusion

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In addition this highlights how the persona was continuing to act as a heroic figure within the poem. ” The single word sentence emphasises the sudden and disturbing death which the persona has to witness.

The bravery of the persona continues throughout the poem. The dark tone and brutal graphic imagery used by Duffy brings the reader into the situation which creates a strong feeling of hatred toward the German soldiers in which are doing this to innocent Jewish women.

The horror of what is happening to the poor innocent Jew continues as Duffy says “My bowels opened in a ragged gape of fear” I believe this is one of the lines in the poem which has most impact toward the reader.

The long vowel sounds and the graphic imagery of the event is etched into your mind.

Duffy opens the poem by using shock tactics which catch the reader’s attention and also prepares us for the rest of the poem.

This spoken by a dead Jewish woman is a shocking description telling how the Germans would take anything valuable off the Jewish women and how they value jewellery more than human life.Furthermore nothing anyone does will erase what has happened to the innocent Jews, which impacts on how the world will almost be forever tainted as sometimes being a bad place.After the brutality that has already occurred Duffy continues to bring in more imagery whilst describing the persona getting raped.“I shot her in the eye” Duffy says this so carelessly within the poem to highlight just how carelessly the soldiers shot the innocent child in the eye.In addition links with the clear horrific imagery Duffy is using whilst building up toward the main event of the poem which is the murdering of the persona.Another possible meaning of the title is metaphorically symbolising a literal shooting star and comparing it to the life of the Jewish prisoners.The Jews’ life is similar to the shooting star in the way that their life and potential was bright and brilliant but was cut short.Although Duffy narrows into the rape at first with a subtle manor by saying “One saw I was alive. ” The enjambment between ‘loosened’ and ‘belt’ draws the attention to the horrific fact that this woman is actually about to be raped.Duffy goes about it in a very subtle way, but the graphic description we get next is enough to make anyone feel the sheer impact of what has just occurred.The title stays with the reader and is reinforced by its clever use of alliteration and also reinforces the fact that any death, no matter how small, is still heroic and brave.The poem begins with “After I no longer speak they break our fingers to salvage my wedding ring”.


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