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The eldest of nine children, he could be anyone’s older brother.A quick understanding and quiet help arose naturally in him.

Such a run of words tells the human tale in the way it is lived: moment by moment.

Forgettable poems cannot delineate the uniqueness of the moment: their language is half cliché, ruining itself as it goes.

I will use Heaney's terms as he does and if sexist overtones linger, I expect they will be by the end of the paper.

In any case, his philosophy subscribes to an equal, but distinctive, differentiation in a dynamic dialogue.

Around the unforgettable past scan of his mother’s anguished voicelessness, words—“cough,” “anger,” “tearless,” “sigh”—begin to cluster in the poet’s mind, translating the buried scan into language.

Heaney’s particular mosaic of words preserves the unique, complex, and unrepeatable contour of human emotion: “what we felt at what we saw,” as Stevens put it.In his eulogy of the poet, Paul Muldoon told the story of being asked at Customs, on his arrival for the funeral, what he did for a living; when he replied that he taught poetry, the Customs officer said, “You must be devastated.” No need to say why: the loss of the poet was felt everywhere.He had visited schools and given readings in almost every corner of the country, often for nothing; thousands of people had seen him on television, or had read of the Nobel Prize.His student friends asked me if perhaps Seamus could send some words to be read at the memorial service.I left the message for Seamus in Dublin, and in a few hours found a return message with a tender paragraph about the student./ The respite in our dewy dreaming faces.” For expressing his chosen but unnatural distance from his native North when he moved to the Republic: “I am neither internee nor informer; / an inner émigré.” After his mother’s death: “A soul ramifying and forever / Silent, beyond silence listened for.” For the destruction of the Twin Towers: “Anything can happen.” And in the course of a long career, around the clusters there clustered more clusters, until a constellation, and then in time a galaxy, shone from the assembled poems, making up what we call a poet’s style.Heaney’s own style went through many changes while remaining recognizable across time. Once you place your order you will receive an email with the password.Seamus Heaney’s funeral in Dublin was televised live, marking an event that occupied the front pages in Ireland for several days.And so, volume by volume, decade by decade, Heaney translated feelings in resonant word-clusters.For “the Troubles” in Northern Ireland: “neighborly murders.” For early marriage: “the lovely and painful / Covenants of flesh...


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