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“The funnier side of the political spectrum is the one where your enemies are most ridiculous,” says Wolff.

“The funnier side of the political spectrum is the one where your enemies are most ridiculous,” says Wolff.Maybe, but I think it has more to do with a shift in how people like information conveyed. So many felt degraded by the Bush era that they wished to degrade him back, on television.” MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show made its debut in the fall of 2008 and by October had grabbed 1.89 million viewers, beating CNN’s Larry King Live in the over-twenty-five and under-fifty-four demographic for that whole month.

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According to Bill Wolff, executive producer of The Rachel Maddow Show and vice president of msnbc’s primetime programming, nothing less than George W.

Bush has paved the way for his programs, as well as the others.

Both the comedy and the news coverage of our decade and decades past reflect each era’s understanding of public relations and doublespeak.

Now, news parody is truly a tool with which to strike back at political PR.

Stewart (and Craig Kilborn before him) was a comic first and foremost—when The Daily Show started, the news was the surprising part.

Maddow’s show works the opposite way: the news is the thing and the humor is the surprise.

Maddow asks the “awkward question,” as she puts it: Is Blago not well?

She riffs a bit and then concludes, with a sarcastic smile, “Illinois, you are getting almost as fun to cover as Alaska!

They show up on Saturday Night Live to rap, or to meet their comedy doubles.

They import self-parody into their own campaigns, as in Hillary Clinton’s faux Sopranos video on You Tube.


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