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There needs to be a better transition from the discussion of gravity wave generation to the discussion of detection. When an expert can say something much better than you can, it's okay to quote them. One of the hardest things you'll have to do as you write papers is to leave out really cool things.

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Most of you have probably written less than a handful of term papers.

Writing clearly and concisely is more difficult than you may think.

Remember, there is no one correct way to say anything.

There is no one correct way to order or word your paper. And, in most cases, there is only one way to spell a given word!

Mass at the outer edge of the larger body is captured by stronger gravitational pull of the smaller but denser body."It is best to refer to a figure using it's label rather than it's position on the page.

For example, rather than saying "in the figure below" or, as is done here, "The following diagram illustrates...", it would be better to say "in figure 1" or "Figure 1 illustrates..."Give credit where credit is due.

In general, long quotes should be avoided unless they really add something to the discussion.

The phrase "quadrupole vibration modes" should probably be rephrased using less technical words.

Also notice that each new concept has at least one reference --- letting us know where they learned about it.

Unless the idea you are discussing is your own original research, you should reference the source where you obtained the information.


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