We’ve never done that with other services, so we assumed that these writers would also narrow down the general theme into a more specific title. However, we recommend you to be careful during the ordering process.

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The writer just tweaks online sources of content into a piece that’s not unique, but will pass through plagiarism detection engines.

But the writer took the theme too literally and didn’t narrow it down to get a proper essay topic.

The topic was Unfortunately, our request for revisions was not accepted.

The customer support agents said that the topic must be specified in the order form. It may be pretty decent for students looking for simple papers.

if you call customer service they always stand by there writer side or apologize and tell you that they can't promise to fix the work soon.

this website is a total mess and I've been working with them the past 5 years just bcz I couldn't find anyone else and i believe all these websites will be as crapy as this one.Best service they will be my favorite, they are so fast. For a time period of 3 hours, the writer managed to cover everything that I had requested. I made a few corrections but all in all I hope to have you write more papers for me! The assignment was completed before the due date and I was very satisfied with the result, I am also hoping my grade for the assignment will be satisfactory as well. Well the writer did an amazing job with writing the paper.My assigned writer gets down to the point if he has confusion which it never happens. Thank you for your fast response time and task completion time. I provided the outline for a poetry analysis and the writer followed it exactly!#finn #free Emmes Dog #dog P0AQn X This is so relatable :) P. I'm preparing to give you tips based of the results of this first course.most of the time thy submit the order with long sentences and unnecessary speaking. the writing is not clear, simple and the content of it wont be strong unless you guide the writer into every step!! most of the time i end up writing the paper all over again and just use some phrases to include in my writing.they think if the writing sound like its out off a text book it will make it look fancy. and its very rare to have your work right the first time its submitted!They had messed up my paper and I got sick of them trying to modify it as it was such a poor effort from their half, so I requested a full refund and they only offered me 50% after a very lengthy dispute. I needed a simple management case study done and it was not urgent at all.I told the writer to take his time but contrarily he ignored my point and hurriedly completed and sent it to me the following day. Their dissertation writing services are substandard. They dealt with it casually as if it was some random college assignment.This is definitely a legit question, since you want to be sure you’re ordering papers from a reliable service. The website looks nice and it’s pretty detailed regarding information. If they recognize something they’ve already read and you don’t provide a reference, you’ll be in trouble. The best part about this system is that it involves a great choice of deadlines, ranging from 20 days up to 3 hours.The pop-ups were a bit nerve-wracking, but there were useful writing guides that we appreciated. Various quality levels are available, too: high school, college, undergraduate, Master, and Ph D., you’ll be happy to know that you get 15% off your first order if you apply a discount code. You get a bonus for each order, and you can use it for your next project. It was a pretty simple theme: the abolition of slavery.


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