Rubric For Writing A Descriptive Essay

The scorer must choose the grade that best fits the student performance.

A holistic rubric scores more quickly than an analytic, and often judges the overall understanding of content or quality of performance.

Developing rubrics for assignments and assessments helps focus teaching and learning on the most important aspects of content and skills.

To help you write the best rubrics, here are a few tips to get you started.

Fewer ratings might not account for enough variance in the quality of the assignments; different quality of work may receive the same rating because there are not enough categories to separate them out. First, write what would satisfy that criterion the best.

Do you want to have a very variable grading structure, such as 1-5, or are there only a few categories, like advanced, proficient, needs improvement? Then fill in the cell that would get the worst score. If you have previous student work on the same assignment, test your rubric on a few samples.Three to five performance levels is usually best, but use what works for your assignment.More levels might make it difficult to parse out differences between each.A rubric might divide quality of performance into three parts: 3 - Excellent, 2 - Satisfactory, and 1 - Needs Work.Each criterion needs to be described for each of these performance ratings.Criteria vary greatly on the subject matter and scope of the assignment, but here is a short list of ideas to help.For many of us, we think of analytic rubrics when we hear the word “rubric.” Analytic rubrics list the criteria for an assignment and describe these criteria in varying levels of quality.Before jumping into creating a rubric, think carefully about the performance objectives of the assignment. List the most relevant objectives of the assignment.There are likely many aims you have for the assignment (presentation, correctness, organization, vocabulary, etc.), but make sure you are using the criteria that relate to the assignment.What are you trying to assess with THIS assignment?You may want students’ work to be neat, or follow a certain format, but do they need to be graded on it? ) Choose three to seven criteria that satisfy the objectives.


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