Rubric For Creative Writing Assignment

Those are all great qualities that we can assess in their own right, but we shouldn't confuse them with creativity.

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Probably the foremost characteristic of creative students is that they put things together in new ways (Brookhart, 2010).

For example, while writing a poem about a sunset, a student who observes that moment when the sunset looks very much like a sunrise and makes the connection to other endings that can also foreshadow beginnings is more creative than a student who describes that moment as "red and fiery." Students who are able to put things together in new ways can observe things others might miss, construct more novel products, give more novel performances, use more unusual or unconventional imagery to make points, observe ordinary things and find in them an area to wonder about or a problem to solve, and the like.

Of course, a poem that is uninterpretable or meaningless, no matter how original, can't be creative.

What does it look like when schoolwork is original and of high quality?

" Rather, criteria for creativity should match what we expect in creative work: originality and high quality.

Creative students The first four characteristics lead to qualities in the work that we can observe, assess, and provide feedback on. Are ideas organized in a fresh way and uniquely suited to the problem or product?

For example, a teacher might mention that her coffee cools too quickly in the cup and then ask students to brainstorm a list of things that might slow down the cooling process, write a hypothesis about each one, and design an experiment to test one hypothesis.

Assignments that require students to produce new ideas or reorganize existing ideas in a new way are likely to foster student creativity.

Teachers can give feedback on both of these aspects of the work.

Sometimes teachers and students think that any assignment that allows student choice is conducive to creativity.


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