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I’ve stayed in touch with Rivers by interviewing him periodically (albeit with long breaks, such as the five years he put Weezer on hiatus so he could attend Harvard).Whenever we see each other now, neither of us can believe that we’re still in our respective lines of work – journalism and rock, respectively – let alone talking to each other, again.It’s been valuable – learning what it’s like to be a fan again helps me as a performer.

I actually go back through my tweets to look for lyric ideas.

A fair amount of songs in the last couple years started on Twitter.

’ asks Pat, our drummer, on the shuttle to another terminal.

I give him my estimation: one major irrational outburst per 250,000 records sold.

I haven’t been around for some of his blackest days – like 1998-1999, which he largely spent alone in an apartment with the windows covered, compulsively writing songs – but over the years, I’ve gradually seen him become more comfortable in his own skin.

At 9am on a Monday morning, I meet Rivers at a recording studio on the west side of Los Angeles, California. ” he asks the receptionist, who doesn’t recognise him – understandably, since in his specs and chinos, he looks more like an engineer than the lead singer of a band.

I have no ego.”In an indicator of the collapse of the music industry, Cuomo has 542,063 Twitter followers on the day of our interview – a number about five times greater than the sales of Weezer’s 2010 album, .

Although many of his tweets are deliberately cryptic or out-of-context, Cuomo is happy to explain them at lengths greater than 140 characters.

But he still has lots of unusual thoughts and obsessions bouncing around his skull, as revealed by his Twitter account.

Since July 2009, he’s posted over 1,200 tweets, from “Caught my wife looking at nudie pictures of dogs and horses online” to “The reason for my massive, continued success?


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