Right To A Clean Environment Essay

Cleanliness is not only a good habit, but also reflects the inner beauty of a person.

Conclusion We should all do our bit to maintain cleanliness in the areas we live or visit.

In fact, for this very purpose, the Government of India has initiated the Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan so as to educate and inculcate good habits among the citizens of the country with regards to cleanliness. We should stop others from throwing waste at undesignated places.

Cleanliness is essential physically, mentally, spiritually and even environmentally.

Importance of Cleanliness: Cleanliness is the major step to a healthy living.

In this way, cleanliness has more of a cultural and social impact on society as a whole.

Importance of Keeping your Surroundings Clean With the assistance of cleanliness, we can keep our mental as well as physical health clean, which will make us feel better.

Along with the government it is the duty of every citizen to ensure a clean home and clean street to enable a peaceful living.

The state of being free and clean from dirt and germs and the act of imbibing this as a habit is called cleanliness.

Keeping yourself clean is the first step towards cleanliness. Whether it be your room, school, garden, community, society, etc., you should keep it neat and tidy.

With proper education about the importance of cleanliness, the characteristics should be developed in the kids so that they will continue this habit throughout their life.


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