Reverse Engineering Research Papers

Various commercial reengineering tools are available that have unique working styles, and are equipped with their inherent capabilities and shortcomings.The final report (10 pages in length) should be submitted by the end of week 10.The final submission is expected to be of publishable quality.Large code evaluation was performed to uncover dead code, unstructured code, and the effect of not including required files at preprocessing level.The utility of Imagix 4D to prepare decision density and complexity metrics for a large code was found to be useful in getting to know how much reengineering is required.Consequently, the need for a comprehensive reengineering/reverse engineering tool arises.We found the usage of Imagix 4D to be good as it generates the maximum pictorial representations in the form of flow charts, flow graphs, class diagrams, metrics and, to a partial extent, dynamic visualizations.This course explores the concepts of software evolution and reengineering and introduces approaches and support tools used to extract the information from existing software systems.The course introduces various principles of software reuse and reverse engineering techniques are presented and researched through research papers.For the other paper, each student is required to submit a summary of the paper.The critiques and paper summaries are due at noon on the day the papers are to be presented.


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