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I will argue that some of the peculiarities of this version of the argument are due to its relation to the Protrepticus' version.

more On the ergon argument in Aristotle's Protrepticus.

In reply to the critiques of theoretical philosophy, Aristotle argues that regardless whether we take eudaimonia to be some sort of wisdom, virtue or enjoyment, living happily would belong either alone or most of all to the philosophers.

First, I will discuss some methodological questions and briefly introduce the current state of the art concerning the relation between the...

more The following chapter will discuss the ergon argument and its role within the Eudemian Ethics.

The technicality is, I believe, result of Aristotle’s philosophical style and nature.

We saw that the argument entailed a lot from what we find in his preserved philosophical writings, for example the dynamis – energeia distinction, thinking about living in terms of activities proper to each kind of living beings or traces of his teleological reasoning.

He compared the existing translation with the Greek original and founded that it is not exactly corresponding with the original; so, he decided to check it with the Greek text (manuscript or edition), which he had at his hands and afterwards he edited some places.

In Armenian sources there are many references to cardinal and theological virtues, examples of which are discussed in this article.

El problema de la embriología está claramente en boga hoy en día por los masivos debates y enérgicas discusiones en torno a la legalización de la interrupción del embarazo alrededor del globo. more El problema de la embriología está claramente en boga hoy en día por los masivos debates y enérgicas discusiones en torno a la legalización de la interrupción del embarazo alrededor del globo.

Este trabajo se inserta en este espectro aportando una visión histórica sobre el lugar que ocupa el embrión y su relación con la noción de ser humano ya en los escritos de Aristóteles.


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