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The results are collected in real-time for researchers to analyze and decide corrective measures.

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Analyses revealed no meaningfully significant differences between treatment groups in representation.

These results provide evidence that a web-push methodology is more effective and less expensive than a paper-only approach among young military spouses, perhaps due to their heavy reliance on the internet, and we suggest that this approach may be more effective with the general population as they become more uniformly internet savvy.

are the most cost-effective and can reach the maximum number of people in comparison to the other mediums.

The performance of these surveys is much more widespread than the other data collection methods.

Previous research has found that a “web-push” approach to data collection, which involves contacting people by mail to request an Internet survey response while withholding a paper response option until later in the contact process, consistently achieves lower response rates than a “paper-only” approach, whereby all respondents are contacted and requested to respond by mail.

An experiment was designed, as part of the Millennium Cohort Family Study, to compare response rates, sample representativeness, and cost between a web-push and a paper-only approach; each approach comprised 3 stages of mail contacts.

This survey method offers in-depth survey data but doesn’t take as long to complete.

By deploying this kind of survey researchers can gather data based on past experiences and beliefs of people.

This survey data helps for the basis of a longitudinal study.

In retrospective surveys, researchers ask respondents to report events from the past.


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